C&W Equipment Company originated in 1976 as a service repair company for flatwork ironers based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Through our expertise and innovative drive, C&W developed and implemented many design upgrades to the older model ironers over the past 30 years. Our exclusive remanufactured ironers offer all of the efficiencies, productivity and safety features that are seen on newly manufactured machines, at about half the cost. C&W has performed hundreds of rebuilds and is now starting to perform rebuilds on ironers that were rebuilt 30 years ago. The driving force is the industry's demand for quality finished linens derived from multiple roll ironers with cast iron chests. C&W has expanded its services by offering conversions and rebuilds on the larger diameter roll machines as well.

Calsco Incorporated was established in 1993 as a sister company to compliment the overall organization. With this addition, we became one of the largest after-market single source providers for the laundry industry. While we continue to offer parts, service and remanufactures of ironers, we also provide ironer supplies and textiles along with replacement parts for all types of laundry equipment. Our success can be attributed to our quality products, knowledgeable and experienced staff, expedient service and customer friendly pricing. Both C&W Equipment Company and Calsco have been woman owned and operated for almost 20 years. We are celebrating 40 years of being a small family owned business and pledge to continue serving our loyal customers while doing our best to continually earn your business.

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C & W Equipment Co.
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